We gather to build a more just and livable world.

Here’s how:

We start with students and their…

  • Intense hunger to learn
  • Instinctive desire to destroy the status quo
  • Refreshing moral clarity

These things are infectious and we want to be around them.

We cede them the center.

Unlike other student summits where…

  • Keynotes Motivate
  • Experts Present their Projects and…
  • Students attend, listen intently, ask questions, and network with experts (if they are lucky).

We do things differently…

However, here’s where we are different…

  • Students Present their Projects!
  • Experts attend, listen intently, ask questions and network with them (if they are lucky)!

But, wait there’s more…

Students can also build collaborative teams with other IMAGINE attendees to participate in our Hacks for Humanity event!

We are looking for STUDENTS (university and graduate students, high school and middle school students) who are in the early stages of developing a project or have had experience executing a project in the social justice, social enterprise, and social entrepreneurship space.

Here are the details:


WHEN: March 23 – 25, 2018

WHERE: Richmond, VA

WHY: It’s Time to Gather

HOW MUCH: Its Free.

Are you IN?

If so, go REGISTER!