We chase moments.

Moments of truth and equality with others and one another. 

These moments are magical.



Existentially amplifying.

But, we’ll be honest.

These moments are few, far between and fleeting.

They only materialize after a lengthy series of authentic, dignity-deepening interactions with others and one another.

These moments have to be earned.


Each and every day.

But, they exist.

Oh, boy, do they exist.

And, we work tirelessly to prepare ourselves for them.

We relentlessly analyze our motivations.

  • Why are we here?
  • What do we want? 
  • Why do we think others can help us find it? 
  • What is it that we think we can offer them in return?

We scrutinize every bit of unbridled enthusiasm. 

We work to overcome all the human designed divides that separate us from others and one another:

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Nationality
  • Politics

We tear off our hero’s cape.

We strip away our power, position and privilege. 

  • It was all inherited
  • None of it was earned
  • We are not special. 

Like everyone else, we are just a bunch of humans subsumed in our own system of expectations.

Like everyone else, we are buffeted about by fear and desire.

Like everyone else, we are craving connection, community, and conversation.


Because, we know that an immense possibility exists when we are gathered in circles of dialogue with others and one another.

Namely, if we remain present for each other and give of ourselves to one another, we may get to know ourselves better, get closer to the “why” of our existence and maybe help each other in the same way.

Within these circles of dialogue, we can remind each other that the world as we know it – inside and outside of ourselves – is not fixed.

It is malleable. 

And, with enough humility, patience and curiosity, we can become better.

Do good better.

Become agents of change for ourselves and one another.