Everyone has a way of moving through the world.

Here’s How We Roll:


We lead with our values.


We believe in the fundamental equality of all human beings.


We are building a bigger table.

No matter your background or beginning, regardless of your pedigree, we live for access and inclusivity. There’s a seat waiting for you.

We are not just about the rah-rah!

Student projects in the social good space are worthy of our recognition.  However, given the fundamental challenges they confront, they are also worthy of some tough questions.  For starters, what happens after graduation?

We are flying coach not business.

Our consumption patterns reveal our value system.  Every dollar we spend on this conference is one less dollar spent on building a more just and livable world.  So, linens for the catering table are out and box lunches are in.

We are striving for zero-waste.

We are building a more just and livable world. Some minor behavioral changes on our part (bringing your coffee mug, water bottle, and more) can lessen our environmental impact.

We are Sidekicks.

Let’s be honest. If you are able to attend IMAGINE, then you are in a position of relative privilege. Does your relative privilege disqualify you from joining with others in building a more just and livable world? Hell no! Does it disqualify you from leading the process? Well…



We believe that building a more just and livable world is…


A Complex and Costly Process of Collective Action

Community members from varied social, economic and political backgrounds must organize themselves into a singular and powerful voice of change.

About Power and Politics

Politicians must be held accountable if they are unresponsive to our interests. This includes marching, voting them out of office and running for elected office at all levels of government.

A Long-Term Process

It is a struggle that takes years if not decades. It is repetitive, incremental work that takes patience, persistence, and endurance.

A Process that should include Changing Ourselves

Don’t get us wrong. Changing the behaviors of others is crucial.  However, we should also reflect upon our behavior. What changes can we make in ourselves to build a more just and livable world?


We have four objectives.


Form Diverse Learning Communities

All are welcome to gather with us. Diversity in our gathering will be accompanied by a diversity of experiences, beliefs, and narratives regarding how we build a more just and livable world.

Foster Nuanced Conversations

We have a lot of questions. Some are expansive: What does a more just and livable world look like? Others are specific: How do you launch a social enterprise? Answers are good. But, nuanced conversations that explore the tensions at the heart of our work are better.

Seek Common Ground

Social change is about building relationships. It is about seeking, meeting and accepting one another via a process of learning about and from one another. This requires critical self-reflection and a willingness to recognize the validity of opposing arguments.

Release Coalitions of Change-Making Animals into the World

Change-Making Animals are individuals who act upon their agency to change the world. They are highly attuned to the possible inadequacies of their efforts, sensitive to their role and place in the process of social change, and know that sustainable social change is about building intergenerational coalitions of diverse human beings.