It all begins with relationships.


We all know that sustainable social change is a collective act.

We need others – the like-minded and the not-so-like-minded. The politically powerful and the not-so-powerful. The old and the young. The rural and the urban.

In order to change the world, we need to build diverse intergenerational coalitions of human beings committed to social change.

Since coalition-building is about relationship-building, sustainable social change is about building relationships –¬†seeking, meeting and accepting one another via a process of learning about and from one another.


IMAGINE works to build these relationships.


We focus on three things:


Building a Bigger Table

We need greater diversity in our change-making coalitions (in terms of race, religion, sex, geography, socioeconomic status, and educational background). More inclusive coalitions will be accompanied by a greater diversity of experiences, beliefs, and narratives regarding how we build a more just and livable world.

Becoming Better Changemakers

A better changemaker is a values-based problem solver who acts upon their agency to change the world. They are highly attuned to the possible inadequacies of their efforts, sensitive to their role and place in the process of social change, and know that sustainable social change is about building coalitions of diverse human beings committed to change.

Going Local

We need to support local leaders solving local problems in their local communities by working with others to support and/or create changemaker ecosystems in small and medium-sized communities.